Baking Bread at BreadinFife

Join us on a Wednesday or Saturday 10.00 till 16.00 to learn how to bake delicious breads in hands-on classes with practical tips, plenty of opportunities to sample what we bake as we go along and lots to take home to share with hungry friends. There is no special equipment needed, just a normal domestic oven and good flour.
Come along on your own, with a friend or if you know someone who is just itching to learn how to bake bread why not give them a gift voucher for a bread baking and tasting session? see below.
For more information read on, call me on 01337 858 031 or email

The Baking calendar shows dates for the classes listed below till the end of September. Classes for October, November and December will be published in mid September. Drop me an email if you want to hear when the next set of classes is available.
If you have any difficulty using a voucher to book a class please contact me.

Our Classes

Essential Breads

Rolls, wholemeal Loaves, a white cob & oatcakes, with flatbreads for lunch. These are breads to enjoy every day, wholesome and good with just about everything. Once you can make these, even good shop bought bread tastes dull.

Fancy breads

Walnut Cob, Olive Cob, Lemon Bread, Malt loaf, Challah. If you want to push the boat out in terms of flavour then try these. You need to choose carefully what you serve them with, and when you get that right you will have a great meal. We will make three or four of these breads in the class.

French & Italian

Croissant, baguettes, focaccia and pizza: flavour and fun.
Have a look at our recipes to see what we do or just to get cracking.

Baking for Christmas

Stollen, St. Lucia Buns, biscotti and maybe filo mince pies.

Gluten & Wheat free baking

I am exploring the possibility of working with someone who has experience in gluten and wheat free baking to provide a baking class relevant to people who want to avoid gluten and/or wheat. Although this is just the germ of an idea it would be good to know if you would be interested. I look forward to hearing from you.
Currently there are several recipes on this website which can be made avoiding wheat and with minimal gluten. Look at the biscotti, Staffordshire oatcakes and oatcakes recipes on the recipe page. Please note that for oatmeal to be wheat free it must be grown where wheat hasn't been grown previously and milled in a mill which doesn't handle wheat.

Have a look at our recipes to see what we do or just to get cracking.

The format of the bread making classes

The baking classes start with tea/coffee while we discuss what we are going to make. There is a coffee/tea/clean-up break midway which will give you a chance to swap experiences and also to leaf through bread baking books for more ideas. We usually manage to fit in three oven baked yeasted breads plus something quick which we can have for lunch.

Classes are for a maximum of four people and a minimum of two.

Bread Baking Gift Vouchers

How about treating someone to something completely different: a bread baking gift voucher! The perfect Christmas gift - a fun day out, a life skill and bread to take home! The cost is £75. For more details please phone or email me.

How the vouchers work

First buy a voucher via the Baking calendar on the BreadinFife website either with a PayPal account or through PayPal using your credit or debit card.
You will receive a confirmation email which includes a voucher to forward or print off.
The recipient of the voucher looks at the website to choose a class.
Next the recipient uses the booking calendar to pick a suitable date when that class is running.
The last step is to book the class via the booking calendar or by phone using the certificate number on the gift voucher to “pay”.
Vouchers are valid for 6 months from the date of payment. Contact me if you need to use the voucher outside that limit.

Cost of bread making classes and conditions

You can see availability, book and pay via the Baking calendar either with a PayPal account or through PayPal using your credit or debit card. We no longer accept cheques.
The cost is £75 however all classes booked and vouchers purchased before 1/4/14 will unaffected. The cost includes all materials and breads to take home.
Please note that we need two people booked into a class before we can go ahead. This is usually not a problem.
Your booking is confirmed when I receive full payment.
We ask people not to smoke on our premises.

What did you think of the class?

Please email me your comments and suggestions:
"...... as well as being good fun the class was very focussed with lots of hints and tips about breadmaking in general. When we left Colin gave me extra recipes for oatcakes which were absolutely delicious, as was everything we made on the day .... very memorable day which I would definitely recommend ...."

"the baking course feels like just friends baking and eating together, if they aren't friends when you arrive they certainly will be when you leave.
Most satisfying to my tummy and my mind, also completely non scary since Colin manages to work in such a way that even the least capable of us come home with wonderful bread. My children were delighted with this, scoffed the lot, two children three loaves!"

High Street, Freuchie, Fife KY15 7EZ Scotland
T: 01337 858 031 or 07840 258550

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