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Join us in North Edinburgh

Baking your own bread is easy, you don't need special equipment, the breads taste great and you know exactly what's in them. Our classes are hands-on with practical tips, time to discuss and compare notes, plenty of opportunities to sample what we bake and lots to take home to share with friends.


To see the classes on offer, check availability, buy or use a gift voucher, or book see booking. Cost is £75 per person. Save £20 when you buy two tickets, £45 on three and £60 on four. Classes are for a maximum of four and a minimum of two people. For more information or if you have any difficulty booking please email baking@breadinfife.co.uk or call me on 07840258550. To hear about new class dates sign up to the Breadinfife newsletter

Our aim

We keep things simple, no dough hooks, retarding cabinets, special bread ovens, proving ovens or any other specialised equipment and no unusual ingredients. The emphasis is to show how easy, affordable, accessible and delicious home made bread is.
We are out to learn the look, smell and feel of the dough at each stage, and to recognise when the dough is ready to move from one stage to the next. Once you have mastered that then everything is possible.

Home baking

My experience is based on baking at home. As the images on this website show, our kitchen in Fife was quite spacious, others show where we are now, baking happily in a small galley kitchen.
Baking bread doesn't involve much work, you just need to be there for the next step. For example, a wholemeal bread may take three hours end to end, but only forty minutes is work (mixing, kneading and shaping). Other breads and other techniques can add to the overall time but add little to the work time. Also you can prove bread dough slowly overnight in the fridge, ready to bake in the morning. The dough proves while you sleep.
So, no costly equipment or ingredients, it doesn't need much space and the work doesn't take long, just a wee bit of planning.